Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cedar Run Wild Life Refuge

 My grandfather, grandmother, cousin, mom, brother and I went to visit Cedar Run in Medford NJ. My Grandmother brought lunch that we ate in the picnic area. As we were eating, we were deciding what trails we wanted to walk on and what animals we were going to see. 

The first trail was the white trail, it was fun and not too long. The white trail has a story that you can read while you are walking along, but we didn't pay much attention to it. The trail also took us to the cages where all the animals live. The animals at the refuge live there because they are injured or hurt and cannot be introduced into the wild. There are 8 ducks, 2 swans, 3 wolves, 6 geese, 3 red tailed hawks, 2 vultures, 3 seagulls, 2 bald eagles, 4 owls, 2 deer, 1 blue jay and a partridge in a pair tree (Just kidding partridges don't live in New Jersey).

This guy loves kids
I really enjoyed looking at the animals, they seemed friendly. To my surprise bald eagles are not actually bald. My favorite animals were the friendly Turkey Vultures that followed me around the cage as I walked and the dancing Barn owl that made me laugh (see the video below). The most interesting thing is that both of the American Crows talked. One greeted you with "Hi" and the other with "Hello" but if you stood there too long, I could see how it would get annoying. (see the video below)

After that, we took the yellow trail, it was longer and more difficult and it went right through the Jersey Devil's home. The trail was challenging because there was a storm the day before with tornadoes so a lot of trees fell down and were blocking the trail. We had to climb over and under about 6 trees.

While we were walking my grandfather was trying to tell us scary stories about the Jersey Devil.  Then my mom tried to un-scare us by signing the theme song for "Dora The Explorer" and "Go Diego Go". At first it was funny, but quickly became annoying because she sang it until we finished the trail and went to the visitors center.

In the visitors center they have a really cool gift shop and a reptile room. There is also a little play room for little kids.

When I am 16 I hope to volunteer at cedar run wild life refuge because I want to take good care of all the animals that live there.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Love Lucy the Elephant

Lucy the Elephant is located right on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean in Margate City, NJ.  She was built in 1881 and was named a national monument in the 1900s. Lucy was also once a house before the public tours started. 

The adult ticket price is $8.00 and the kids are $4.00 (I think is reasonable) People in the military get to do the tour free. The tour through Lucy is incredible because you get to go into a giant elephant and you don't get to do that everyday, do you?

The tour is less than an hour, make sure you get a good look at everything before it is over. When you start up the steep narrow stairs in Lucy's back leg, it is a bit more tiring because there are so many thick and narrow steps. If you fall, then its a scary game of human dominoes. 

Looking through Lucy's eye
Once you are up in her belly there is a video about Lucy's history. Lucy was built by ship builders so inside her if you look up it looks like a ship's hull. Lucy's eyes will glow purple at night, in the dark and you can see them from the beach and a boat on the ocean. Inside, you can see through her eyes. In the right eye you can see the beach and the left eye, all you can see is a teal blue building. 

Lucy's Howdah
You climb another steep set of narrow stairs to get to her back, on her back is a seat with a canopy, called a howdah.  The first howdah was built in 1881 just for Lucy but, that year a terrible storm passed by and took it right off the top of her. After that the put a flat howdah on top. Around 1885 they put an exact replica of her very first howdah.

The view on top of Lucy's howdah of the Margate Water Tower.
The tour takes you on top of Lucy's Howdah where you can see the Margate city water tower that has Lucy painted on it.  You can also see Atlantic City and Ocean City. (Hey, I can see my house from here!) After you are finished sight seeing on Lucy's back you travel down another steep staircase then the tour is over. 

Every year Lucy gets her toenails painted
I think this is amazing that people take the time every year to paint her toenails a different color or different colors for the sake of it giving Lucy a little pop in color but, I wish they would use better paint because right now her french red and blue pedicure is chipping.

I would recommend going to see Lucy for kids (and adults) of all ages and also make sure you hit the gift shop right after the tour and maybe head to the beach.