Monday, August 10, 2015

The Cayman Islands - Hell

The Rock in Hell
Hell (H- E- double hockey sticks), is one of the tourist attractions in the West End on Grand Cayman. The rock was made from "acid rain and consumption of the rock by carbonate-loving organisms." Hell was named Hell because when it was found, people thought that this is what Hell would look like.

When I arrived at Hell
Hell also has a gift shop were you can buy things like t-shirts, bags, necklaces, and other cool souvenirs. You can also buy post cards and send your family and friends letters from hell. There's not much to do in Hell except look a beautiful thing that nature made. 

I actually have been to Hell and back 
I really enjoyed Hell, as much as I enjoy typing it. I hope next time I go to the Cayman Islands I will be able to see Hell again.

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